Set Up 4th Date, Never Hear From Again?

long read, but would like some opinions.

met this girl online, she's 19, im 23. first date is dinner and ice cream and walk around the city and talk. had a great time, she gets home and thanks me and says she wants to get together. Second time we cuddle and watch movies and she cooks for us. goes great again. third time is bowling, going to see some Christmas lights, then back to my house to watch a movie and cuddle. thanks me again and says hope to see you again soon. we skip the next weekend cause she has finals and has work and training so super busy. but she keeps me updated on all her finals and texts me telling me how they went and text conversations continue to go smoothly. Monday she texts me asking if im busy cause she wants to hang out, Tuesday we set plans for Wednesday, just hours later she cancels plans and never heard from her since.

this girl is very busy between 2 jobs, work, class, gym, and she doesn't drink or party at all and lives in the middle of no where. so i highly doubt, about 99% sure, its not another guy in the picture. what im thinking it might be is that she didn't think it would work out... cause we live 1.5 hours apart. and when i went to her house for the first time, she texted me her address and said i might be a bit too far from you though. and she said with how busy we both are and with how far apart we are its less than ideal but why not just see how it goes. and when she came to my house it took her even a bit more cause of traffic. so im thinking that may be it, but at the same time i feel like she would have just told me instead of ignoring, but with her being a 19 year old girl i know just ignoring is the most common way to avoid conflict and discussing these things. anyone ever had this happen, or done it to a guy/girl? what were the reasons? its not as much that i miss her, i dont all that much, i just find it so odd how sudden it was, I've never had this happen.


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  • how long has it been that you haven't heard from her?

    • we made plans and she then canceled them last Tuesday. just over a week ago.

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    • well girls can sense if you are not being serious with them. She might have known that this will not being going any where so she might have decided to let it go... you never know. but if you are over her that is great.

    • No there's no way she could tell. I didn't treat her or do anything different than I would with any other girl in any other situation. I just made sure to not let feelings build up too much. I guess its pointless asking random people on the internet lol.