Am I the only one in the situation, if not what should I do?

Okay so my boyfriend graduated highschool in June. And I am currently a highschool senior. So ever since school started, he said he wanted to go to technical school. So we did research on what we have to do. And he did the requirement tests but he needs to turn in his financial papers. And with that, at first his parents didn't want to help him with it at all with the papers. And I was concerned and so me and a few of his closest friends tried helping him by encouraging him but he got upset but then realized what we were doing. But he doesn't seem too concerned about going to school, now he seems to want to get a better job (which isn't a problem really) and just see who he can hangout with on his day offs. And now all the sudden, his parents want to help him with the papers but he has to wait till August and take the tests again. And I'm afraid he's being lazy on that part and then you have m family telling me to break up with him because he's not going to school and I've tried talking to him about once in awhile as a reminder but I get it he has to wait but I just don't want him to be lazy and do whatever one else is doing.


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  • As his girlfriend, you're doing a great job of keeping him motivated, but as an adult, he has to make certain decisions alone.

    I understand that your parents are only looking out for you. That's sweet, but like him, you have to make your own decisions as well -on the matter of whether you two should date or not.

    If he doesn't want to go to school, he doesn't have to, and regardless of his new choice, you should be there for him and support his decision.

    If the roles were switched and you thought that decision B was greater than decision A, you would go with what decision B because you chose that for yourself.

    All I can say is if he's a good guy and you two have a great relationship, you should keep supporting him when he needs it. Don't make decisions for him.


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