What's he really thinking?

My guy friend started acting all flirty/touchy and I never flirted back - I treated him like a friend- anything more makes me awkward... I'm comfortable as friends --- then one day he says he feels that I want more than a friendship with him so he will be less flirty so I don't develop deeper feelings for him... Threw me off but I told him no worries, I don't see past friendship (which is true) ... He apologized for the misunderstanding -- however, his texting remains the same and daily - plus he's been showing up randomly at one of my work sites without me telling him I'm working... Is he trying to play me in hopes I'll give in? Or is he interested but doesn't want to say anything because I already rejected his advances? I have a lot of fun hanging out with him as a friend and I don't want that ruined but I'm trying to get insight as to what he may have in mind..


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  • Your friendship is ruined. He has feelings for you and is acting weird about it.

    Your friendship will never be the same.

    • I really hope not... But thank you for your opinion on it!

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