I think she changed with me. Is this my fault?

Hey everyone. So there is a girl I like at my college and i think that she likes me too because
1- she calls me every week to go and study together
2- she invited me to her house before and she introduced me to her mom
3- she always flirt with me and tease me in a friendly way
4- she always holds my hands when we cross the street
5- she told me about her school and her old friends and asks me about my old friends , my life...
6- I gave her a birthday present and she was really happy when I gave it to her and she said that it was really a nice surprise for her
I think that all these signs shows that she likes me
Anyways from a week , a school pal (he is not my friend he was just with me at school) saw her on my instagram and he followed her and he asked her to get her number and he really annoyed her. So she asked me if I know him and I told her that he was just a pal not a friend and she told me that its fine. But I feel that she changed with me she don't answer my phone calls and my messages so probably she don't beleive that he is not my friend
Do you think that she likes me? Is this my fault or I am overthinking about the situation because I really like the girl?
Sorry about my bad English by the way and thanks


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  • 1. yes she likes you
    2. you are overthinking things but do try to get it across to her that you only know him and are not friends with him,

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