Girls, Is she leading me on, or playing hard to get because she's scared?

Short story is... We immediately clicked. A very rare feeling. And I know she felt it too because she introduced me to her parents (they like me). She initiated saying she loves me. But I said it first after she talked about it so she would feel comfortable saying it (probably a massive mistake). Everything was going fine. And then literally out of no where she said were moving too fast. I want to date you but right now I still need to do my own thing. She just got out of a 2 and half year relationship about a month or two ago. As did I. But the other problem is her friends are all single and some of them are manipulative of her happiness. They're very jealous friends. So I don't know if they said something about us moving too fast or not. The thing is she literally bought stuff to leave at my place. A hairbrush shampoo and ETC. She told me she's not having sex nor will be having sex with anyone else. She told me to "know that She's mine" I don't know is she has a shell up because she's scared I may hurt her and her feelings came on so quickly so she backed away for her safety. Or she's playing hard to get to see how persistent I'll be. Or she's leading me on. She doesn't speak to her ex. Kind of ex-communicated. When I don't text her back she texts me with this kiss emojis. She says she misses me and all that. I just don't know if she's confused and doesn't know what she wants. Or she does know she wants me but is scared about that. Or she just isn't into me. I don't want to be naive. Or waste my time. She did say that her friends says she loves me. (I think she means in love with me but is too scared to say it that way). I just don't know why she would introduce me to her parents to just lead me on though? That's kind of a lot of unnecessary steps to lead someone on. But I don't know. Any help here? Just a confused good guy over here.


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  • Talk to her about it.