Why is the dating world in Tennessee so fucked up?

I have friends from Tennessee and based on what they say, it really does seem chaotic down there.


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  • I am not sure about Tennessee specifically, but here in Arizona and back in my hometown of Pennsylvania it is also pretty messed up. Guys will date you and then later announce that they are married after a few dates (what a not honorable thing). I had this one guy tell me he was married after 3 dates to complain about his wife and I told him, fix things at home and stop doing this. He says he loves me. I am NOT a homewrecker. I don't date married men. Ever. Its been 3 months and he still calls/texts me.
    Dating is messed up everywhere here in America, that is my take. People don't have integrity. They don't keep their promises to each other. They don't work through problems. They only look to see what they can get from the other person and they don't try to see what they are bringing to the table. They expect their partner to be 100% perfect, even though they are not. People have an unrealistic view of dating and relationships. If problems come along, they divorce instead of fixing it.
    It makes me sad.

  • How do you mean?

    • Guys are fertilizing at least 10 eggs a month and no one is doing anything about them child support wise. Girls are going after players and guys who are always starting fights way more often than in other parts of the world. Size queens are an extremely common sight and hybristophiles are running amok.

    • Okay, you lost me at the end of your sentence as I have no idea what you just said. Do you know this for a fact? I believe it happens in more states as well.

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  • Do your friends have any possible bias in reporting the state of affairs in Tennessee? Are they simply telling you about their bad luck?

    • I don't think they are. They talk about what happens to both themselves and the other people where they live.

    • And what is it that is so screwed up about dating in Tennessee?

    • Look at the convo between Anon and I

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