Guys, Was this guy (22) playing a game on me (20), and what does it mean?

I've known him for alittle over a month, and within that one month, we have texted pretty much every single day. This last Sunday, we exchanged very, very few texts (like 3). Monday and Tuesaday, he never texted me. Wednesday evening, I decided to text him by sending a smiley face. Just a simple emoji. He never replied.

Thursday morning (today), I gave him and texted him, how he was doing, and if everything was ok. Like..2 minutes later, he texts me back quickly saying he's been doing good, and that he will text me later, and then sent me a smiley face.

I'm 20, and he's 22.

Ok. so I want to know what's up? I felt like this was a game? He answered my text so quickly... after not speaking to me for a few days... almost felt like he was waiting for ME to text him.. which doesn't make sense, because though he usually the first one to initaite text, I have also initiated a couple times as well in the past.

Did I basically make myself too aviable by texting him? Was he testing me? Do you guys do this to girls? Honestly... I feel slightly annoyed.


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  • just game