An uneasy feeling about relationship with a girl?

Hello, I just met this girl through Facebook since my brother's girlfriend kindly introduced me to her. We talk for days, getting to know each other, flirting, asking questions, etc. etc.. I finally got her to like me, which is nice, but now somehow I feel tired from it. Is that even possbile? Over flirt too much maybe? We talk like literally every minutes and hours. should I keep thinking it minimum? I don't to want to hurt her, she is actually a nice girl. I don't want her to ask me if I'm busy, cause then she would be asking why aren't you replying my message. Im really not busy since it's holiday week, nothing much to do at home.

I can't see her as well since she live far away, I'm in Washington and she is in California. I need help of how to deal with this kind of relationship.


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  • I don't see a future so don't put too much hope into this


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