Does this mean I like him more than I think?

Basically my guy friend has liked me for some time. He has recently told me this and a few weeks ago I kissed him whilst drunk. This has made him like me even more.
But I just don't know if I feel the same way?
All I know is that I would feel upset if I were to find out he'd moved on to another girl and found happiness elsewhere. It's selfish I know.
I feel some sort of attraction, but sometimes I kind of sigh and think "ugh" when I see he's texted me once again.
Do you think I may have some sort of feelings for him?


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  • Yes... but you're unsure... experiment with him but don't play with his heart.

  • So you're under 18, and drunk. Making out with guy "friends". Seems a bit slutty and illegal, yes?

    • I'm 17, old enough to know what I'm doing. And it's hardly illegal to make out with a guy who is also 17, asshat.
      And your comment about me being slutty? Don't be fucking ridiculous. Are you from the Middle Ages? If a guy had done the same it would be no problem.

    • Just sayin'

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