I am 14 and my girlfriend is 13. We have been dating about 2 weeks. How do I get her in (relative) privacy so that I can ask to kiss her?

I could take her to the park, or the movies or whatever. I have a means of transport.

Should I invite her over to my house? Should I invite her to the park?

She's kinda shy and introverted, so I want to make sure she's comfortable.

Should I ask before I kiss her? Should I just go for it?


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  • Take her to a place that has nice scenery and if you really want it to be special, stop and just look into her eyes, then gently grab her face with both hands and just go for it slowly. Don't ask. Best of luck!!!


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  • Don't ask. When you feel the moment is right, just kiss her. Park sounds good for a first time you kiss her.