What's the next step? Get his number or just tell him how I feel?

I'm somewhat sure that the guy I really like actually likes me too. Multiple people have said they think he likes me and have pointed out all these signs, which I seem oblivious to.
He's a pretty shy guy when it comes to girls, so I don't think he's the type to make the first obvious move... I see him when he comes back from Uni, but I don't have his number or any social media, so I don't actually get to text or call him.

Do you think I should get his number or add him on something first?
Or do you think I should just tell him how I'm feeling?

I've never had a boyfriend or been in this position where I actually like someone to the point of wanting to be with them. I need help...


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  • I think you should definitely get his number and then add him on some social media afterwards! For me that made me find out that the girl I really liked had a boyfriend 😑! You have to make sure that he is single before you tell him how you feel!


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