What does it mean? is he being distant or am I crazy?

hi all,

I date someone and for Christmas he sent me a text, i was very happy to know that he thought of me that day, and his message was cute.
for the New Year, i decided to text him first, i said
- "Happy new year D***** ! all the very best for 2016 xx " and he replied:
-"Same to you M*****! Happy new year and all the best :) x "

i thought he would go further in the conversation and maybe talk to me more but no, that was the end of conversation... do you guys think he's being "distant" by ending up the convo with "all the best" or am I just crazy? lol

thanks guys and happy new year !!!
(ps: im from Sydney so that's why i already celebrated NYE/ new years day)


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  • I think he didn't know what else to say so he ended it like that. Im pretty sure he will write more next time you guys text and message.


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