What is this girl after?

Well there is this girl that I used to try and talk to whom my family introduced me too. While I was trying to pursue her, it came of as real desperate so she says. She told me that we have nothing in common. I didn't speak to her for a while, approximately 3 months. Then all of a sudden I finally got a chance to pursue my dream career, I never initially told her and I am not sure if my family told her either. Based on what she had told me, she didn't speak to my family for a little bit before calling me. This was about a week after I started school. I eventually told her what was going on with me since she asked what I was up to, know she keeps in regular contact with me. At one point she even got mad because I would never really initiate contact, since I thought she never was interested in me. I have initiated contact with her a few times, at least when I am bored and just want to talk to somebody. I still have feelings for this girl, but just have this nagging feeling that she is after something. Whatever that something is she after I am not exactly sure, if I were to say it would be purely speculation.

P. S. I should say that she is from another country and not a citizen of the US. I don't know if that is it and even then why would she really start talking to me again, when she could possibly talk to plenty of other guys which I am sure she does. Even though she told me that she doesn't have a boyfriend even though some have tried.


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  • Ask her what she wants.


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