Girls, Pessimistic question: Does paying the upkeep and living alone in a house my mom owns make me a loser?

I FEEL like an undatable loser because of this. But I'm a total pessimist and can't truly judge anything about myself rationally because of it. My pessimistic nature, that is.

Would you consider a person a loser (in the USA) if they live alone in a house their mom owns? And this person pays the bills and upkeep for the house. But it's still his moms he's basically renting. While she lives somewhere else much nicer.

I feel like a loser and don't tell people I rent my house from my mom, basically. Also kinda means I have a really hard time dating anyone cause I know they'll think I'm a loser for living in what's technically my mothers house.

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  • No, not a loser
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  • So your mom is your landlady. Its really nbd.

  • No it doesn't make you a loser. My brothers still live with us and he's not even close to being a loser. Well I don't know maybe its the culture here.

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