Which dating web site should I join and when I make my profile how fourth coming about myself should I be?

I am a very introverted and shy person (which is something I'm pretty sure that I should put in my profile, right?). I had a past with cancer, and I have made some really bad and stupid mistake (like I am not a virgin); I'm not sure if that is something I should be fourth coming about or not. I know when you set up a dating profile you should only talk about your good qualities (at least that is what I've heard), but I think it would be probability a good idea to mention very little about my past, my mistakes, and my plans for the future. Just so people know what they might get into and know what to expect. That way I don't wast my time and they don't have to wast theirs.

I am a very particular person (to what I look for physically in man to what I look for mentally in a man) so I am not sure on which dating site would be right for me.

  • Farmer's only. com
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  • Christian Mingle. com
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  • Mach. com
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  • Harmony. com
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Just to clarify, I am still a student in school, so I do not plan on dating anytime soon. I'm just asking this question so I know what to do for when I am really.

I forgot to ask in my question, dose anyone know of some dating site for cancer survivors? I ask cuz it seems to me that the only other people to understand cancer survivors are other cancer survivors. And another question I have is how many guys who are in their early to mid 20s on dating sites looking for a long term relationship?


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  • I met my significant other on okcupid. com
    I really recommend that site.
    It's free, and it has questionaires that you can answer and it'll show you who your "best match" is. I talked to the person with a 98% match with and we've been together for about 3 years!

    You really need to be completely honest in your profile.
    If you do not want to get hook up requests (I got like 10,000 until I edited my profile), you'd want the very first sentence in your profile you say "I do not want to hook up, I am interested only in relationships".

    You shouldn't write out your flaws, of course, but you should tell your flaws to people you become interested in, whom you are forming a relationship with.

    Write in your profile that you are a cancer survivor. Write your interests, your career plans even. Tell about your hobbies and things you are interested in. You should write a deal breakers section to help weed out some people. I had one because I didn't want to be with someone who had kids prior or smoked or drank/partied. I wasn't interested in that.

    Write your personality traits.

    Put up a picture that isn't quite full body, but still shows a bit. You want your face to be clearly shown. You could have an additional full body shot, if you want, but not for you main profile. I think I used my profile picture that I have on this site for okcupid, along with some other pictures.

    I also put up pictures of my artwork, since I was big into painting at the time.

    You want to seem inviting, but also real. You don't want to false advertise.

    If you want further tips, feel free to ask. I've been through the whole process, and I only wanted a real relationship. I found my guy very quickly and I am so happy that I did. I've always found that finding someone online is the best choice (for me at least) because I can open up easier online and find people I might not find in person. It really broadens your horizon.

    When you go to meet up, make sure that you have already face timed and talked on the phone and that you meet in a public place.

    • Write in your profile if there's something in particular that you'd like in a partner, if there's anything you are specifically looking for

    • And if you use okcupid, fill out a million plus of those questionaires. And read the choices of people you are talking to or thinking of talking to. It's a nice way to see a person's opinion on topics and get a view of who they are without asking the questions yourself :P And they use those answers to form compatibility.

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