I said yes to being in a relationship but now I'm worried it's too soon. What can I do?

Been dating a guy for two months. He asked me to be in a relationship. I said yes but now I'm worried it may be too soon. He already put it up on Facebook though... What can I do?


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  • I'm not a fan of having my relationship broadcasted in the open, let alone on social media. That could be the underlying reason for your cold feet, not the fact you have accepted to be in a relationship.

    Accepting to enter into a relationship after having been dating for two months is long enough. Probably you just don't feel that much for him as he does for you. Many girls in your situation will be elated as it's a mark of confidence and seriousness on his part.

    • Yes, he posted it and sent a relationship request maybe 5 minutes after my accepting. I'm generally a private person and also like to keep my private life off of social media as well. How can I handle it that he doesn't feel badly?

    • You have a legitimate reason to keep your relationship private. Tell him if he really loves you he should honour your wish to take your relationship off social media. If he refuses, disable or preferably delete your account.

      I used to be on Facebook back in 2009 or so for about two weeks. I deleted my account after feeling uncomfortable as my professional, private and personal life intertwined on Facebook. Since then I have never felt the need to use Facebook and any social media site except YouTube that carries my fake name.

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