Was this guy purposely trying to bring me down?

I've been on a few dates with a guy. he seemed nice. we've done some sexual things too. he invited me to hang out at disney, and everything seemed ok. We went in his car, though i was late. He was silent most of the time- he wasn't friendly, upbeat or cheery- he was acting weird. In the park- same thing, he was acting strange and seemed like he wanted to bring me down- make me unhappy. At dinner he was ok and normal, but after that, again weird. He said he did try to put his arms around me twice, but i wasn't interested. Maybe he took that as rejection but we've already done sexual things. I told him it wasn't him or something. But he got more and more weird- his behavior wasn't spiteful but more like, he just wanted to bring me down. By the end of the night, i was so drained and upset i couldn't talk. he acted defensive saying he didn't do anything wrong and took me to dinner and i was imagining it maybe. i'm pretty sure he was lying

he acted turned on- as if he was turned on by bringing me down or maybe he wanted to bring me down to get sex, i dont know. He then said his ex wife had texted him during the date and she's evil. I said well u dont have to take it out on me- I've had people text me and upset me but i dont act rude towards the people around me. Then, in the end when we got out of the car, he said ok well good luck to you. In the car he said "it's ok things aren't working out with us." it's our 4th date? makes no sense.

was he trying to bring me down to get sex or make himself feel better.. i dont get it.


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  • I cannot be certain of the reason he acted coldly to you. It is certain he acted as a guy with little or no interest to move the relationship with you to the next level, despite honouring the date. He certainly wasn't bringing you down.

    • that makes sense- but he said he wanted more and wanted me to stay the night- well he begged for days. he stayed at my place. I think he was trying to make me upset/sad... he bought me dinner etc..

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    • Such guys are sadistic for taking pleasure to make a girl sad. Girls should stay clear of sadistic guys as they have no place in a civilised society.

    • well- that's what it seems. but they're all sadistic who do this? I meet lots of jerks like this
      also he's a teacher

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