Should I still continue to try and get my crush to date me?

I've been trying now for about 9 months and we have met on one occasion when she was really lovely and was keeping the conservation going in a balanced conservation and she didn't want to come out of it till her friends came over but that was understandable and we left on very good terms. However whenever I message her she rarely keeps the conservation going if the current topic is struggling and she will not reply if my reply to her doesn't offer her something to reply to. But I'm conflicted As she told her friend that she doesn't know if she will like me as I never flirt but I tried on occasion afterwards but it led to a good conservation going stale and her seeing my reply to her and her not replying. The main point overall is should I still try with her and if yes how or not? Thank you all.


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  • She doesn't seem to like you. It's probably best to move on.


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