Is he trying to be subtle? Or does he have ulterior motives?

I've been hanging out with a guy friend - he was all flirty/touchy when we'd hang out but I treated him as a friend - that's all I see him as and I wouldn't be able to flirt to save my life - too awkward ha - anyways the last time we hung out he told me he only wanted a friendship and felt that I wanted more -- not sure what gave him that assumption but anyway, I assured him again that I don't see past friendship, he has no worries -- our friendship remains the same (haven't hung out since - only a week ago this happened), he still texts everyday and talks about hanging out... The other night he randomly showed up at my work (I have a couple jobs - one schedule he seems to have caught on to because it's shift work), but he showed up at the other job without me mentioning I was working (not the first time either), and he'd hang out there for a while talking/joking around... Should I be safe in believing he only wants a friendship? Or does he have ulterior motives? Or is he just terrible at being subtle and feels more but because I rejected his advances he's trying to play the friend card? I enjoy his company and have a lot of fun with him as a friend and I don't want this friendship ruined... Thoughts?


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  • They always have ulterior motives.