Guys, Does he really like me or not?

My boyfriend, he'd ask me out and say he misses me but then he always spends his weekends with his friends, and sees me on weekday nights instead. I know he has a big social circle and he really enjoys hanging out with his friends, but still, i feel kinda frustrated by all these.

What do you think about this? Why do you think he is doing it? Does it mean that he just doesn't really like me?


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  • Honestly, it sounds like he's just not as crazy about you as you would like.
    Could be that he just doesn't know how you feel about it. We guys are notoriously bad at picking up on hints.
    If that makes him happy, and you want him to be happy, then you have to let him do that. But here's the thing... If it's really a problem for you, then he should stop. If neither of those things can happen without you growing to resent each other, than it will be hard to keep the relationship afloat.
    Look you can't help how you feel, so you need to tell him and see where it goes.

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