Do you have to ask someone to be friends with benefits or does it just play out that way? Should I ask this guy if we can be FWB?

I met this guy on social media; we are both college students but at different colleges 40 minutes apart.. It was clear from the start that sex was going to be our main priority of the night when we met at his place & watched a movie. I really was planning on a one night stand, maybe he is too and I'm looking too much into it.

But, after we had sex, by the way I never had a one night stand before))) we talked for a little bit but he seemed to want me to go because his friends were going to the bar. But when we did talk he said things that were aimed at seeing each other more.. For example, I'll show you in my snapchat this guy; or you'll have to help me with this class this next semester; or saying "I'll text you later" and other things like we should do --this--- sometime together.

Then after I got home, a couple hours later, he messaged me that he had a great time, I said I did too, he said thanks, and I said I was going to bed and we said goodnight.

i don't care to really get to know him on a personal level. But I really think we are compatible sexually... Should I ask him what he wants? Should I suggest friends with benefits (and exclusively so he can't have sex with others unless we stop seeing each other).. Or should I let it play out?


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  • Let him know and lay out the ground rules... If I were you I'd insist on a medical test to rule out any STD's on a regular basis for both of you, this is normal for a friends with benefits relationship


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