All girls at uni seem really rich dafuq?

a lot girls at my uni who are attractive are rich or come from wealthy families, they travel often and own their own cars and spend money like its nothing buying expensive stuff , i realize they find me quite attractive but thats just too much to handle iam not sure i want to approach such girls , but the other opition ( girls i find attractive and are on the same level , financiacly ) are almost all taken, so how do you deal with this? i myself am just waiting for a girl who is not rich because i know i can never be rich or provide the same life style i want a normal down to earth girl , and i was wondering what you guys think and your opinions if you've ever been put in such a situation, and please dont tell me if she likes you kind of things , i know they will like me but i can't never be as rich as daddy and once you're used to something its hard to change.


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  • I grew up a spoilt little rich girl in a big house... I HATED IT, it was lonely, my dad had to work his butt off just to keep with it all. I hated how snobby some of the other people in my school were just spoilt and told they were perfect just as lonely but let it turn into aggression. i moved, and found out i feel closer to my family, and friends, i could relate with people with lower financial ground then, the peers i spent my whole life with. Not all girls want to be with a guy that can be rich or wealthy, they might like a change like a down to earth guy. Just be cautious, and stop judging their personalities by their family's income.

    ps. but if you are (im gonna get so much hate for this.. ehh) rich people are overly selfish and prideful if it goes to their head, lower class can be really greedy, and rude. if it goes to their head.. watch out...

    • the girls who actually have no problem with it are usually the ones want to be in control and prefer it that way and iam never going to be the woman in a realationship so i dont approach them anyway , its easy to tell how someone is from talking to them a couple times , you can tell a lot about their personality and what to expect

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