How do I know it is worth it?

Me and my friend have been start talking again. It is actually nice. We liked either last year, but it was awkward when he found out that I was going to a different school. I went to different school becuase this one was closer, my family does not have a problem with the administration, my mom was looking for a job. I didn't tell anyone the reasons why, minus that it is closer to me so I can ride my bike to school if I have to. But it was awkward and we haven't talked much. He told me a few months ago that he used to like me. I liked him at that time, so I was wondering why he never told me. It was already awkward and it would be more awkward. He found out that I still like him, but there is no point. Long distance relationships and different schools do not work out. I would be awkward at the orthodonist if we see eachother again. But we get along is all of this worth it? #class2018


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