Was this guy being a jerk?

i had a date- 2nd date during dinner, the guy got kind of rude. started telling me i wasn't telling my real name, and he got weird. Just negative- for no reason. He was making a big deal out of nothing. He was just negative and weird. he was acting like I was a liar and it was strange.

I was really upset but then managed to stay positive and get back to positive despite him being negative. He just kept going on and on. I think most people would've ended the date but I turned it around. We then went bowling. He kept doing things to try to 'mess with my game' or just kind of mess with me--so i'd play bad- or just to distract me. Like he'd grab another ball and dump it on the belt when it was my turn and almost back up into me- just to get in my space or be weird. I actually wanted him to win and wasn't competitve, i was trying to have fun and be nice, but he was serious and acting weird- like he wanted to dominate me. Then I got competitive and wanted to beat him for that reason.

2nd game of bowling I beat him b/c I actually wanted to win. Then we played pool- at first he was playing bad. im pretty good and told him that. Then, he started doing weird stuff to distract me more, get in my space, be rude weird. Moving around a lot pacing when it was my turn. I asked him to stop and he didn't. 2nd game, it got bad and I had to stop the game and tell him to stop and we're supposed to be having fun and he was being unfair. He denied it and took me home. we haven't talked since. He tried to act innocent as if oh i was just playing.. but it was bs.

what kind of tactic was he doing- trying to sort of break me down, make me weak or play bad so he could win. Also just dominate me at dinner. is there a name for this


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  • Congratualations, you have just met a psycho.

    Maybe he wouldn't be diagnosed as- but he sure is in my book.
    One that tries to unidentify a person, by telling them their name is a lie, things they've said is a lie and trying to hinder things they are good at is up to no good. Would you actually fall for his hindering, and get worse, get dominated by him in many ways, you'd lose self esteem, control and many other things.

    Considering the fact that he completely denies his actions and takes hindering you very seriously and would make you feel very uncomfortable. (I know you didn't say you felt uncomfortable, but I coukd only imagine you would) I think that the best thing you could do is just to back off and move on with your life without him.

    Of course you could say I am over-analyzing stuff, but these symptoms are first and foremost very suspicious and weird, unpleasant and I am just a cautious person.

    • oh really? so it's called hindering- and wow i totally agree with you. No you're not overanalyzing- that's what I felt too. Like he was messing with me, then lying about it and trying to dominate me, then denying it- playing some immature weird games. It was awful but I kept overlooking it then had no choice. He is a psycho or some form of it-

      thanks for the input, and the only intelligent normal answer too :)

    • Not sure whether "hindering" is actually the right word. My native language isn't English. But it seems you got the message anyway :)

    • "To interfere with action or progress." Seems like I was right :D

  • Give me some cliff notes I'm not reading all that.

    • Okay just go ahead and downvote me obviously you don't want opinions lmao. Going to get no answers with that long ass wall of text

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    • @t3stosterone obviously you dont want to help or you would have read her question in it's entirety.

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  • were you using a name people dont normally know you by? in otherwords were his suspicions correct? based on that his actions would be easier to interpret


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