Has anyone used that "meet me" app?

Never in my entire life have I experienced a supposed dating site with whackos!! I had one woman accused me of wasting her time because she wanted to jump immediately into a relationship instead of taking it slow. Another is this one is looking to get married so she can get her green card. Lol

No sane individuals would jump into anything like that right after meeting for the first time!!! Another one is a 50 year old wanted me to come strip for her, then I had someone catfished me with a fake profile, and they were giving out their number all over the place!

I've talked to women there and they had whackos too, and getting sent certain pics if you know what I mean. Ughhh.

Whats wrong with people? Anyone who's used that site had any whackjob experience? I know not everyone is like that, but that app is a coocoo's nest. Lol.

I I just look at that kind of behavior as suspicious... Is it a fair assumption to make?


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  • I used to be on myyearbook before that was changed to meetme. com. Never used the app but when I went back there it just seemed like women already in relationships bragging but yet complaining about their man and wanting more. Maybe not the same thing you're talking about though.

    • I've seen that too. I think 60% of people on there just for the fun of it and taken ones too. Still some that wanna hook up.