Girls, Why would you act in this way?

Okay this random girl struck up a conversation. When we were just talking she will randomly bring up how other guys are hot and how they hit on her.

I wasn't even interested in her in the first place. But at the same time she offered to pay my meals and drive me to my home.

So why do girls act like this?


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  • She likes you, but she afraid if she flirts with you she'll scare you off. She knows you don't like her, but she can't help but keep trying to change your view of her. Girls like her think the best way to get a guy, is either to make him jealous or make her seem extremely attractive. A lot girls these day think guy like girls that get a lot of attention that they only care about looks.

    • Thanks :)) But even sometimes random girls I meet, will start talking to me first about their personal stuff and when I continue a friendly conversation they casually mention a boyfriend.

      But why do you think they mention a boyfriend when I don't hit on them?

    • Do they emphasize the word boyfriend? They're showing off, slash friend zone. They so afraid if they don't scream they have a boyfriend to every guy they met he might get upset... or if they constantly say it he will dispear and they stray from him. you may not be interested in them but they might be afraid of being interested in you even though they with somebody else. So they use talking about him as away to remind themselves they have a boyfriend dont do anything stupid.

    • Have you casually mentioned a "boyfriend" because you were attracted to the guy and wanted to keep limits?

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