Girls, Why would you mention to a random guy, about guys you find "Hot" and guys hitting on you / you date?

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  • You dislike the random guy at first sight.
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  • You see the random guy only as a friend and feel comfortable to talk about random stuff.
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  • You are sexually interested in the random guy , but want to know whether he is interested in you.
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  • You love to make any random guy jealous.
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  • Please comment if any other reason.
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  • You're trying to make it seem like you're sexually desirable to other guys to make him interested. It doesn't really work and it looks a bit weird but at the time it seems like a good idea...

    • Thanks :)) Do you personally see the random guy as only as a friend to talk in such a way?

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    • Yeah that happens quite a bit :D

    • I c. So what was the reason you were turned off? Was he boring or something?

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