My friends say he is just treating me as a rebound.

I’ve became close friends with this guy for about two months now. He is younger than me by two years. We talked nearly about everything. Yes you guessed it. I like him and he knows about my feelings. He is like a person who is new towards love. And due to some circumstances, he broke up with his girlfriend and others around him do not know he broke up cause he doesn’t want to let them know. I do not know why either. (Yes I feel uncomfortable with this issue. Sighs.)

There’s this one time, I felt cold and he hugged me to give me warm which I think it’s nice of him but after that incident, He seems to be into hugging me. I did not mean like he turned into a hugging psycho. Haha. When we hang out, he would hug me for no reason. Before I could reject him, He released me. When I asked him, he replied ‘I do not know why myself.’ which makes me confused. When he was sending me home, he suddenly hugs me. And again, I was in shock state. The next day, I asked him why. He told me that he couldn’t bear to let me go but he knows he have to. At times, he feel like kissing me but he controlled himself. Another thing is that, He said he DOESN’T like me. I’m confused. It’s like after that incident, every time we hang out, he feeling of hugging me is getting stronger. There’s even once he nearly back hug me.

He did consult his best friend who used to be a playboy. He told him that he knows it’s not love but he cares for me but he doesn’t know why he does that, he’s confused. His best friend said to him that it’s normal. Cause he had the same issue but it doesn’t mean a thing. As for the temptation to kiss but it won’t happen no matter what.

Sometimes he text me randomly, sometimes he doesn’t text me at all. I know it doesn’t make a difference but I don’t want to be the one who text him cause since he doesn’t like me, why text him first and it’s like telling him ‘I miss you’ kinda thing.

I don’t know but I feel weird? Confused? Angry?

My friends say he is just treating me as a rebound. He is playing with my feelings. He is taking advantage of the situation. What do you guys think? I really REALLY don’t know and confused and I don’t know who to believe or trust. I don’t know my heart anymore, that’s worse. :( I feel ashamed cause I’m older and I’m suppose to not feel like that. I don’t know. It's really affecting me. :(


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  • He sounds like he's rebounding to me. You should definitely date some other dude because he's going to end up hurting you if you get involved.


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