What is the most romantic thing or romantic story that ever happened to you?

I was lost for love and I lost hope in 2015, I didn't say what I meant and I basically fucked up my love life because I gave attention to people that did not matter and dismissed the ones who did, ended up broken, this year I'm starting fresh.

I love romantic stories and I would love to hear some of yours, who knows one of these stories might make me interested falling in love again throwing away my shield.

  • Yes, I have a had a real life love story !
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  • No, I have never experienced any thing romantic.
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  • Not really, nothing worth telling.
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  • my story is in the coment's below.
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  • Ummm... Nothing unless you count the one time a guy asked me out to a Christmas market and on the way home he walked me through the park along the river at night and confessed to me he has had feelings for me for two years and then tried to kiss me. He never expected me to burst out into laughter though... Yeah I am just not a sucker for romance like some girls...