Does he really like me?

ok so a few months ago I started crushing on this guy... we had been friends before and everyone thought that we were dating, people used to ask us if we were al the time, and everyone used to ask him if he liked me or ask me if I liked him. he never told anyone who he liked, except one time when someone asked him if he liked me he said "no were just friends", later on that week though, someone asked him again, and he said he was figuring things out. even before things got to this, he always acted different and flirty to me, or at least that's what I thought, anyways, a couple weeks later I finally got up the nerves to tell him I liked him, and he said " it's not a total no, so I guess it's a yes, i think I like you to" anyways after that things got weird, he finally asked me out, but then everyone one of our friends started to get involved and then it got weird. I don't know if my story makes sense but I have this odd feeling that the only reason he said he liked me was cause he felt pressured and he didn't want to hurt my feeling, but if that's the case then he would have hurt my feelings so much more by lying to me, then just straight up telling me. so I guess my question is, do you think he really likes me or was he just saying that?


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  • Sweety its impossible to tell... I am not your crush. We can pick my brain out for answer but its best to flirt like hell! If he flirts back your in!

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