Guys, GUYS: Online Dating -- What's the Turn-Around Time?

I went on a date with a guy I met on Match. We had exchanged messages and texts a few times before he planned said date. It went great, I believed. Loads of conversation, laughs/jokes. He still invited me for drinks after dinner (although I thought a few topics at dinner may have been a possible killer with any potential "us") and yes, we kissed goodbye. Perfect gentleman. Date lasted about four hours. He texts me when I get home and then goodnight (with that ridiculous wink emoji). A week later (Xmas time), he contacts me to apologze for not being in contact as much. He works full time and is getting his masters. I told him that we should meet up again, possibly during his break, if he had time (I figured a full time worker and student would want to A) Catch up on some Zs and/or B) Catch up with friends/family etc, so I didn't want to flat out plan anything right then because he LITERALLY was starting his break the next day). He enthusiastically agreed to meet again and reiterated how he had a great time with me last time. Now, it's been a little over a week and I haven't heard from him; however, I have noticed he is active on his Match profile almost daily (which wouldn't bother me if he didn't make it seem like he was busy, you know?). I obviously don't expect to be THE ONLY female, especially after one date, but still. He always talked about how busy he was on our date and when I asked why he bothered signing up for a dating site if he was so swamped, his response was something like, he wanted someone to share his experiences with, but he shrugged as if he didn't really know.

What are your thoughts? To date, it has been a little over two weeks since our first date and a little over a week since last contact.


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