Says he wants to meet up, never does, why?

This guy who I started talking to a year ago off of a dating site texts me randomly every now and then and we always say that we're going to hang out but he never pulls through. He texts me first too. I've deleted his number a few times and he texts me randomly months in between that each time I ask, "Who is this?". He goes to the university like 15 minutes away from where a I live and meeting once would not even be a hassle so I don't understand why he shows interest and then as soon as I respond with some interest he bails out. Thoughts?


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  • He might just be nervous or hesitant. After all, you guys met on a dating site right? So you've never met before or hung out in person so can you blame him for being a little hesitant? You might have texted eachother and talked about yourselves, but he doesn't ACTUALLY know who you are... it might just take some time for him to be ready. You can bring it up and ask him if you need to


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