My crush and his girlfriend broke up but how do I get him to like me again?

So ask you look at the title you're probably what do she mean again? Well me and this boy use to talk back in the summer but I friend zoned him 🙄 (hes a cute guy, I just wasn't really ready at the time) (something I regret till this day) but after that he got a girl but while they was together he would bring up how upset/bothered about how i friendzonded him which told me he still might have feelings for me but ill wait. So I asked him if I could get a second chance and he was like yeah. I see him in school all the time and he'll hug me sometimes. I always make sure he's ok and I've been to almost all of his games I really care about him which is a first to care about someone this much anyway they won't together long and I stepped up and apologized and he said it was all cool. So they broke up recently and he's now single its like he says he still likes me but im not sure. We text and all he called me yesterday but its not a everyday communication. He talks & texts other girls i don't really care but it lowkey bothers me cuz like hello im right here. so i feel like I should make the first move but I don't know how 😕 i just want him to come back to me honestly

Its been forever since I told him my fav basketball team and my fav color but he still remembers should I take it as a he still likes me lol cuz I had seen something say that if the person still remembers its still a chance but im not sure.


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  • Since you text often, just send him a message saying that you would like to go on a date and see what his reply is.

    If he is defensive about the past, be honest as you've written here.

    The above would work on me.


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  • Just talk to him and show that you care and are there for him. Then, maybe eventually you will be ready. But don't rush into anything, you don't want to ruin what you have already


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