Can you tell me ehst love is in your own words?

Whst is your definition of love? what does it mean to you? We all have our own definitions and meanings but I'd like to hear the meaning from you, your own words and point of view.

Someone once told me love is when you care about someone you endure the pain they put you through. Even though it hurts, even though you want it to stop even though you wanna leave and you know you can do better, for some reason you still stay.😌 they told me love is knowing you can have soo many other beautiful woman but some Reason you stay loyal to this special 1... But anyway, what is love to you?


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  • Love to me is a state of being rather than an emotion.

    I consider some of the pillars of this state to be stillness, clarity and freedom. It is in this state of being that unconditional love is born. In this state you stop craving love and simply welcome it. You offer love, not because you expect it in return but because love is all you have to offer.


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  • PERFECT BEAUTIFUL! haha Am I in love? I think you describe my situation? To answer your question: love is something that takes your breath. Its strange and you have no clue how you even started feeling this way but you do! You just care so much and its hard to not care... I dunno if I ever been in love before but I felt like that before.


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