Guys, how many girls on average give off an approachable vibe?

I would say maybe 5%-10% give off the vibe that they're approachable.

This is to give women an idea of why guys probably won't approach you.

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  • 10%-25%
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  • 26%-50%
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  • 51%-75%
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  • 76%-100%
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  • I want to see what you all are saying.


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  • I took this to mean as in approaching someone you have not previously met.
    No. Rather few give off that vibe. I took the 10-25% option but keep in mind that is moderated up for when you're actually at social spots (clubs etc) and not in everyday life.

    The everyday situation is less likely. I also feel that we guys really can't read girls as well as they imagine. An extra smile my way makes me feel welcome, it doesn't tell me I can actually approach you. Now, prolonged eye contact and a smile, that's a different story.


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  • Depends on the woman and the situation. It's a whole lot lower at the supermarket than it might be at a singles bar, obviously. :)

  • Definitely very few! It;s like women these days are not approachable at all.

  • I don't think women are, in general, approachable.

    If we men only pursued "approachable" women, the world population would've never exceeded 30,000 people.

  • A Worthy female likes an alpha male.
    An alpha male dies not wait for a 'vibe' to approach a female. They just do it.

  • Yeah less than 10%, but that's a ego problem I have because I feel I don't need to approach girls. If I do it's just her lucky day lol. I know. Douchey. I don't care.

    • I feel the same way, I find it rare that I feel like I need to talk to a random girl.

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