Why did he change his mind?

Met a guy at a party last week. He immediately showed interest and asked for my number. The next day, he reached out via text and we chatted for a bit. At the end of our convo, he said "Lets do brunch sometime. Let me know when you're free next week." I responded with "Cool. I'm free next Saturday or Sunday." After that, he said he'll be in touch.

Fast forward to today. He wished me happy new year and I did the same. Then he asked me if I had plans for Saturday night. I told him I was free and he followed up with "me and my friends are going to this lounge and I wanted to invite you out." I said "sounds fun, thanks for the invite, I'll keep you posted" and he said "Cool. No pressure. If it doesn't work out, we can plan something else." I replied "sounds good!"

I'm a little annoyed that he switched things up. He asks me out for brunch initially, but now he's inviting me to party with his boys. Why do guys do this? Should I mention brunch or let him take the lead?


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  • Maybe he thought hanging out more than once would be too much for the start, and that the party or whatever at the lounge you would have more fun at!

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