I can't tell what's going on?

I've been talking to a guy for 5 months.
We went to college together, semi friends. I always felt like he had a crush on me. He left the school and we kept in contact for 2 years after until I finished. He ended up pursuing me so we started talking. He's always tried his best.
I've seen him twice, things were smooth until recently.
His job sucks. He works in a factory, 12 hour shifts. He had to take the 6pm-6am shift and adjust his sleeping schedule. He says it's horrible and he job is making him miserable, told me he's starting to feel dead inside.
He's been horrible at communication.
Recently I went to his house. [1 hr distance.] He's always so tired that we just sat. He introduced me to his parents and made future plans so I felt better. We texted and then he just quit talking for 3 days.
On Christmas I sent a message. He replied and had to work that night so he was bummed.
I was upset that I hadn't heard from him.
I said I was bothering him and stuff that was not me. Next day he messaged, it was weird. He said 'i feel like we're drifting apart.' I asked what he meant he said 'i felt like you thought we were drifting apart because of the stuff you've been saying.' Also, 'We've been talking for 5 months and we've hung out twice.' 'When I can hang out I never want to do anything because I'm so worn out.' 'You talk like I don't care about you anymore.' 'I just don't want you to be with someone who's gonna be in the worst mood all the time cause I know you are always in a good mood.' 'That's not good for a healthy relationship [my nickname] I need some depression pills or a new job.'
He can't quit, the company is rooted in his family. I said any place would love to have him and he replied asking how much I truly know about him. Abnormal.
It's like he flipped a switch. He's always been in awe of me. Did he end things? I would think if he wanted it to be over he would it. Haven't heard from him in 5 days. We had a semi normal convo before he just stopped replying.


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  • Is he ok? 5 days is long

    • I assume he is. He hasn't posted anything on social media, but he was tagged in a post with his brother who was visiting out of town and I didn't know that. He must have been visiting for Christmas.
      I'm just worried because I don't know if his depression is causing him to not talk to me, or if it's something else. He's never acted like this before. Everything was perfect for months and then he just started acting like this out of nowhere. He at least tried to talk to me when he got these odd hours but maybe it's all catching up with him. He doesn't have any time for himself [he actually has told me that] except on his days off and he gets maybe 1 or 2 a week. I don't know what's going on but I would think he would tell me after 5 months instead of keeping me in the dark?

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    • Thanks ;] Just wish I knew what to do

    • It's cool I'm here if you need to talk about it

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