Girlfriend likes other guys pictures?

So before you come to any conclusions, my girlfriend doesn't really like pictures in general on instagram. She very rarely likes any pictures and I know this because I check my following tab quite often to see all of my follower's activity and never see her in it. I've seen her like several guys pictures but never really said anything to her until tonight; when I saw she liked some random guys picture on instagram of just a picture of him in the mirror.

So I brought it up to her calmly and said hey you know this kind of bothers me, and she called me inmature, petty and that telling her it bothered me it was unattractive. I replied with something like "Not really sure why you are talking to me that way; I think it's disrespectful that you are disregarding what bothers me. Even when I bring it up to you in a mature manner and talk to you about it without even being upset about anything." She apologized after we talked for a few more minutes. She told me he was dating one of her friend's little sisters.

I'm not the type of guy that just stalks my girlfriend, but if I see something that is suspicious I check it out. Turns out that this guy is actually the same age as my girlfriend and I; has no pictures of any significant other has relationship status on single on facebook, and has liked every single picture that my girlfriend has uploaded to instagram. She liked a few of his as well that I didn't see until I checked things out. You guys can call me crazy all you want but honestly I just am terrified of being played a fool.

I have caught my girlfriend talking to another guy while we were dating in the past and we squashed that and moved forward. She seems sincere with everything she is saying but her bestfriend has cheated on her boyfriend of 6 years on a daily basis; which is definitely something to consider.

I trust my girlfriend at this point in time, I really do. But what do you guys think? Do I have anything to really worry about here?

Okay so, I direct messaged the guy she liked the picture of. She said she knew him because he is dating her friend's little sister. I asked him if he was dating someone, and he told me he was single?


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  • I think it's kinda in the middle, she could just genuinely be liking other pictures if she knows them, however most know they usually like guys pictures to get their attention if infact it's not her friends sister boyfriend etc. She could be telling the truth, or she just may want extra attention from someone else as excitement.

    • I just have this gut wrenching feeling that something isn't right, and my gut usually isn't wrong. But he's liked all of her pictures so I feel like she has already been getting attention from him.

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    • Okay so, I direct messaged the guy she liked the picture of. She said she knew him because he is dating her friend's little sister. I asked him if he was dating someone, and he told me he was single?

    • So then you have your proof she's lying, and just tried to get out of the confrontation.

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  • Keep a close eye on her. Women these days can't be trusted

    • I can't really keep a close eye on her, because there is nothing to keep an eye on honestly. She let me check her phone in the past and I have done randomly to check up on things. She deletes text messages.

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    • Yeah, I kinda figured that unfortunately. It's just why would she be dating me if she wanted to talk to other guys?

    • Because she's a ho

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  • She can talk to whoever she wants and you are a douche for telling her to talking to other guys and liking a pic, that's just unacceptable, unless those guys are EX's or something. Unless she actually gives you a reason to distrust her, stop being so fucking paranoid and let your woman talk to whoever she fucking wants.
    If i was her i'd dump your sorry ass, fucking control freak.

    • Hey man, thanks for your answer. But I'm not controlling my girlfriend, I understand she'll do whatever she pleases. But I'm not going to keep my mouth shut when something bothers me, I'll put my foot down so I don't get walked all over; or have something eat me alive without her even knowing it. Communication in a relationship is key to a successful one, and my worries is actually me just caring about my girlfriend. There has been things in the past that have brought up suspicions, but I decided to forgive her for things because I care about her; and understand everyone makes mistakes. I'm just not willing to waste my time on someone who will not respect me or my feelings honestly.

  • She has no respect for you or your feelings, you don't need that in your life.

    • Would this be something that would raise your eyebrow?

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    • Yeah, I read your responses to everyone else, you know what's up.

    • Thanks, and she told me that I don't have anything to worry about in our phone call.