In all of my relationships with guys I feel like its the same story?

Im a pretty decent girl. I have a lot of goals for myself and I've been told im very pretty and a personable intelligent person. I feel like everytime i fall for a guy, he doesn't appreciatw how much i try in the relationship. Like ill actively make myself available to him, give him compliments, listen to him, and make him feel comfortable. I dont play mind games but it seems like they just lose interest in me and dont want to pursue a relationship. I want to be in a stable loyal long term relationship with someone and i kinda make that clear from the start with my actions. I wait to have sex, im pretty romantic, etc. Whats wrong with me?


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  • There's nothing wrong with you! The guys you've dated either failed to notice all you have to give, or they weren't ready to take what you have to give.

    Just because some guys failed to notice your worth that doesn't mean your value goes down. Just be patient , and in due time you'll meet a guy who appreciates you, and feels lucky to have you in his life 💗💕


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  • Nothing wrong with you at all. Keep that attitude into college and you'll get better at weeding out the guys who don't know a good thing when they see it.

    Just like girls, guys typically need to get burnt before they appreciate a decent person.

  • cause you don't actually put work into it you're job is too look pretty that's all you have to do, he puts in work but most girls don't realize that

    • What so you're saying this whole damn time i didn't have to sit here and be a genuine friend and listen to him all i had to do was look pretty and make him look good?

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    • Well i am pretty young so its not like that big of a deal i guess. If i was 50 maybe id be more upset haha i guess i just haven't met the right guy yet. And honestly how should i know? isn't that up to the guy. I feel like i could feed him all of his favorite foods, look really hot on our datea, listen to him, support him, be like his ride or die but itd still be up to him really. I can't make guys love me

    • (LET him be what you don't want)
      me im a nice guy, but I have to be a bad boy to get a girl,
      but keeping that bad boy shit is annoying,
      so eventually I let her go cause I can't be myself
      but girls don't want a nice a guy
      so what do I do?

  • Maybe u should not show how much u care about the guy until you see how much he care and how he acts u seem like a lovely girl but if the guy can't see that then u should tell him that


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  • You are just going for the wrong guys. That's all. If you are under 18 then it would explain a lot as most guys aren't ready for serious relationships at your age.