I am struggling to sum up my ex but feel the need to. What kind of guy is he?

We were friends for like a year before we started dating. He was the closest friend I've ever had cause he shared my weirdness.

he knew I liked him for months before he initiated the relationship that made me feel like I wasn't really wanted and caused problems within the relationship. We had a good few months though til he ended it a month after I left college (he remained in college) cause I wanna remain a virgin and we are 4 hours apart.
that broke me cause I thought we meant more to each other than that.

he had never had a relationship lasting longer than two months and he always said that. Saying he had never been connected to his exes. He dated for sex. a lot of women. I was the first girlfriend to whom he initiated "I love you"

now he's dating the sister of one of his best friends and I am constantly jealous that he will retain him cause they've known each other since first grade.

in the last conversation we had he sent me a picture from our tine together. He was reminiscing. I basically told him to f* off.

could it be that I actually meant something to him and is he such a f* boy that he would hurt her too?

We have been broken up for 13 months give or take


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  • Look only he know if it hurts! We can play the guessing game all day! You want him? You think he worth the risk the pain? Than fight for him! FIGHT! If your afraid of your virginity begin taken away from another fuckboy than he wasn't the right one! With SEX you need trust! You got truly trust him with yourself and if you don't than don't sleep with him! If you want wait until marriage which I support than wait! He wasn't the right guy! The right guy should understand your decsion! Its important. Love is not all about sex in my opinions its about emotions how you and him get along. Think about it!!! Its your choice! Peaceout!

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