What are some signs that she might show during prom that she likes me?

I'm not a dancer and haven't been to prom before let alone homecoming she said she would teach me lol. What are some signs that she might like me that I can look for before prom during and after and what might some bad signs be?


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  • Before prom if she flirts with you and is starring a lot then that could mean she is showing some type of interest. If she tells you that she had a great time and you two should hang out more often means she really likes you. But if before prom if she doesn't acknowledge you and treat you like you are simply a date to the prom then she's not interested, that means less eye contact or less conversation or smiling, also during prom if she starts to dance with other guys or starts to say I just want to sit a few songs out meaning she doesn't want to dance could mean she's not interested, if your not a good dancer and she dances with you any way she either really likes you or is just a sweet person. I hope this helps.


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  • A girl at prom might be totally different than a girl on a normal day. Most young girls look forward to prom their entire preteen and teen years.

    Either way its going to be magical for her and if your looking into starting a relationship based on that night it may or may not be a good thing.

    She might give false motives so be careful! Hang out with her a few days before prom, ask her to go shopping for the last minute items like a purse or something for her hair. That's when you'd be more likely to get an inside hint on going to the prom with you.

    You can also ask for some dance lessons before you two go to prom, get some practice and some one-on-one time with her. She'll think its cute

    If she says stuff like she can't wait for you to be her date. You're in!

    Otherwise, go a bit slower and wait until she shows that she's into you.

  • If she is smiling, laughing and she looks like she is having a good time she is probably interested. If she is touchy, like putting her hand in your arm or shoulder a lot she probably likes you. A girl's body language will usually tell you if she likes you or not.


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