Doe this girl like me or she is just friendly?

I have a girl at my college and I knew her from 3 monthes she is cute and I feel that I really like her and also I feel that she likes me too we go and study together , she likes to touch my hands and arms a lot specially when we are alone, when I talk and look to another girl she tells me to stop looking at other girls , she always talk with me about myself and tells me about stuff in her life and she also like to flirt with me so I felt that all these are good signs that she likes me and last weekend I gave her a birthday present wich was a very nice surprise for her and she was really happy with it but yesterday I called her but she cancelled my call and didn't call me back so I texted her and she told me she was busy and in the middle of the conversation she saw the text and didn't text back I was asking her about something and she didn't reply. I feel that she changed with me but I don't know why
Do you think that this girl really likes me and if she does why she didn't answer my call and my text?


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  • I think she definitely likes you, unless her personality is just flirty like that. You never know. But maybe she was just busy. Just give her some time, if she likes you she'll eventually come to you again but don't get on her too much. If it's been awhile and she still hasn't said anything about it, maybe consider confronting her about it

    • One of my old school pals saw her on my instagram so he tried to talk to her and get her number but she didn't answer him but she never told me anything and I saw him on her followers list. So I asked her and she told me what happened and I told her to block him and she did but do you think this can make her change with me? by the way he is not my friend he was just with me at school and I told her but I feel that she don't beleive me

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    • thanks for your answer I'll try and talk to her next time I see her it will be hard you know but I think I need to do it

    • Best wishes! Yes it's very hard, I know, but sometimes you just have to be courageous and go for it! No matter what the outcome, it will save you a lot of stress and wondering if you just go for it, trust me. And in the end you'll be happier. :)

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