What is the point of approaching if I am most likely going to get rejected?

I have approached girls, but they all seem to be annoyed by me.


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  • It depends on who you're approaching and how you're approaching them. It is never definite whether you're to be rejected or not, the truth is simply you'll never know if you don't try :)

    • true i see what you mean, but honestly it sucks that my fate has to decided by the girl, honestly as a man i feel so powerless, i feel as if i was applying for a job.

    • I understand that it is very daunting to approach someone that may not give you the answer that you want. But that's the risk you take when doing anything. If you don't approach her then you won't know whether she'll say yes or not, you could be missing out on something amazing by having the frame of mind that they're just gonna reject you every time. You may feel like you're having a lot of unsuccessfulness when it comes to girls but that doesn't mean that you're not gonna find someone :)

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  • Happens to women to eh they are ignored or played with by guys showing interest back then disappearing... it's the nature of the beast but don't stop trying as those worth keeping come hardest.

  • What's the point of doing anything if you're more than likely to fail? Better just stay in bed right?

    • Well, if it is going to be much of a hastle, might as well just pay prostitutes and do something that i like right?

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    • So all you are looking for is sex?
      Then yes, go on and pay a sex worker.

    • well it is one of the many things, but the other things i think i can get them from friends anyways. Or what other things you are talking about?

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