So is he over me?

Dating a guy for 5 months, I called it off I was so scared of being hurt by him. We never broke contact... We both cried last week to eachother and said we'd fallen in love with eachother... I was getting no answer for what he wanted... As I opened up to him so I sent...
I learnt a lesson to not waste feelings on someone who doesn't value them, you show no proof that I matter anymore, and really when it's something you want, you fight for it. And when I reached out to you and you didn't.. it made me realise that I was not worth that fight to make things work. Please stop using the fact I walked away as an excuse anymore, I had good reasons to and you know that. You were my best friend and I value all the amazing memories I've got with you. But now it's your choice to not make anymore memories. But this fight is draining who I am xx

His reply -

I can appreciate that X

Why isn't he saying he wants me or doesn't want me?

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  • Your message sounds as tho the door is closed , not left cracked TBH

  • Honestly i hate girls like you, fuck you, always making assumptions, playing with guys emotions, even when the guy clearly wants to be with you all because of you stupid insecurity and assumptions. Why do you want to be with the guy? Why do you want to hang out to him and play with him if you don't want him, he is not your fucking pet dog.

    . I.

    • It sound to me like she did all the expressing here and he strung he along until she cut the cord. Same damn thing I would have done. Commit to something or get the hell out of my way. Pretty simple and straight forward

    • @bryon this is what it was, but I don't understand how he could be crying last week saying he'd fallen in love with me?

    • I do want him, why would I fight for him if I didn't want him. I'm in love with him and I've tried my best

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