My ex wants to go to the movies just as friends, but what he's saying is confusing, what should I do?

My boyfriend of three years broke up with me about a month ago. The break up ended badly and we both said things we didn't mean. We stopped talking about two weeks after the break up. Yesterday, he texted me asking me if i would like to go to a movie or something just as friends. I said yes. We continued to talk for the rest of the night. Everytime he brought up hanging out, he always added in "just as friends". He also asked me if i moved on and if I've been talking to guys, i told him i talked to some guys, but just as friends. He got kind of jealous but held it in. He then asked me questions about some of the pictures i shared on facebook. All the ones he asked me about were related to 'dating'. I could tell he was getting jealous but he just held it in. We continued talking and he brought up the pictures i shared again and confessed they made him jealous and angry. I asked why and he said "i dont know, i left you, i ruined everything, why should i care?" And he tried leaving but i told him to talk to me and stop bottling things up. He said "i ruined this and left you. I shouldn't care about what you post and who looks at you. But i swear if i see a guy looking at you a certain way im going off." He then said that he still cares about me and still loves me and he ruined everything and regrets it. He then again went a little crazy and said "he treated me like sh*t. Lied to me hid sh*t from me. Cheated on me. But he still f*ck*ng cares about me? What the f*ck is going on? Goodnight". I told him to calm down and just talk to me. I asked if he regretted leaving me and he said yes but he likes not being tied down so tightly but he understands that i was that way towards him because of what he did to me. I really miss him and am in love with him. I dont want to lose him. With what he's saying, will he end up coming back to me? My friends say he misses me and everything. I want him back, but want it to be his decision to. Do you think he will?


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  • just go.


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