Could I be just a rebound for her?

So I've been talking to this girl for 2 months, she's out of a 3 year relationship. She has left me twice in those past 2 months for ex she said "she was lost and confused but since we connected well she wants to give me a shot". So I said then let make it work and stop with the games. So we're 3 weeks into talking again.

We we hang out ALL THE TIME.

Pretty much sleep together ALL THE TIME.

I made her block her ex on all social media but I've caught her still looking at it and even retweeting things off his twitter.

3 weeks into this she has already made me her profile picture, on Twitter.

She wrote something on tumblr Tuesday where I snuck on her phone and saw it said "I lost apart of me I'll never have again and it starting to eat me alive".

could I just be potential rebound for her?

i feel that her being around all the time is to fill the void of reality of missing her ex cause I know they also was together 24/7

we're not officially dating but it's what it seems like


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  • Personally, it seems to me like you could be a rebound. All the signs of her missing her ex are there from what you explained and I don't think you should get all your hopes up with this girl. She may end up breaking your heart


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