Casual dating?

I know this girl for 4 years, later on she starting flirting with me which ended to a date with talk and we decided to date each others, BUT she said casual dating.

She told me how bad she was treated in the past relationships how bad did her dad treated her mom and her step dad too.

I am acting only too nice and sweet to her, cooking for her, helping her and her business partner in business,

But now we are dating for over a month, and she introduced me to her mom, but what bothers me that she does not respond to my romantic or flirt text messages only the business one.

we almost do not talk at all unless regarding the business.

Her friends are not suppose to know that we are dating but when we are alone we are having a great time, also her friends see me after with her.

Is this what we call casual dating?

or is she playing?

and even if I do not text her then she text me I miss you or ask me if I am upset.

can someone tell me is this a game?


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  • OMG, if we all let past bad relationships keep us from finding love, well this website probably wouldn't be needed. Most people have had some sort of bad relationship and many of us have had bad examples from parents.

    I don't know that she is playing you, but not cool that she answers your business texts but not your personal texts. In the end, you have to ask yourself, "Is this working for me?". If it isn't, you have to talk to her. I am not saying you will talk to her and she will change. But if you do not, there is no hope she will change. And, if you do talk to her and she says she doesn't want to change or isn't ready to be less "casual", you have to know how you will respond to that. It's only been a month so maybe you will want to hang in there a little longer. But then again, maybe you will consider you deserve better, she cannot give that to you, and you will move on and open yourself up for the girl who will adore you and will want to show everyone that she is dating you.

    I am a fan of the last option. Good luck.

    • Thank you.

      I Think this is the issue that I want more, I do not know how to casual date, I now how to care and love and with doing this with casual dating then for sure I will let her run away.

      But do you think there are feeling from her side?

      I feel only as a freind while I am around her freinds, I do not feel respected at all or loved or an attraction, and whenb I talk to her then she says that she like me but not ready for comittment and need to move slow which I have no issue, but I am ask

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    • You are spending too much time trying to understand her. Some people are impossible for us to understand. So, instead, I focus on their actions and whether they work for me. I would never want to go out with someone who wanted to keep us secret. I would never go out with someone who ran hot and cold and did not communicate well. That is me. Oh, and yes, do not give her the gifts. If she wants to keep things casual, gifts like that are not part of the equation.

    • If you give her the guitar and necklace, it will only highlight how serious you are being and how casual she wants it. You cannot win her with gifts. Nice gifts are for someone who is your girlfriend and totally loves you.

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  • It's "Casual Dating". She wants to date, to enjoy that time out, not a relationship. She's not being vindictive, this is what you signed up for and agreed to.

    • I agree with you completly, But do not you see that s a disrespect when she does not answer my flirt text.?

  • Drop her. She is using you.

    • To be honest with you Duncan, I rather learn from these answers. Droping her is running away while maybe there is a lesson for here to learn

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    • I do not kow dunken

      her words says yes I like you but her action killing me.

      I am trying to be hard on myself to not to call or text to see how is she going to react but this can be against me too.

      Wierd that she know that I like her 4 years ago.

      and I do not know how the H is she doing this.

    • Good luck. In the time you save not speaking with her, start to write down what sort of relationship you'd like to have [with any woman]. Then when you're feeling sure about it, ask her to do the same. Compare the lists.

      Honestly, the hardest thing to learn is that you can love someone, even mutually, and it still can sometimes be not possible for a relationship to work.