I live with my crazy sister and its scaring me?

she lives at home still... she is 29 and anti social, she sits in her room all day doing nothing, hasn't worked in 9 years, no friends, no one just the internet, she is extremely crazy and honestly i dont want to help her, she used to mistreat us and hated her own siblings and even spitted on our mom for no reason, just because she was angry, because of that i have a bit anxiety of living with her, i dont want to anymore, my mom won't kick her out and i need to now because i have stuff to focus on, only thing i dont have my degree and living with her, is creeping me out, she is a bit nuts, im scared she is going to hurt one of us after a while, i can move out but i will only have 200 dollar a month for food and nothing else... what should i do? should hold on a month untill my degree or just leave?


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  • You should move out and find a better job.