Is this guy into me or not?

Long story short, I've known this guy since April 2015 where I met him at a house party. Since then he's showed up at a couple events I've gone to. He's quite shy and doesn't really know how to approach girls.

I saw him at another event three months ago and he seemed to be very interested in my life. On New Years Eve, however, we got very close while dancing. We held hands a couple of times and I touched his chest, he then reciprocated by touching my waist. Later on, he held my bag while talking to other people. He even brought me water at some point lol.

Does it sound like he might be into me or was it just the alcohol doing the talking lol?


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  • He's either a super nice guy (doormat nice)
    He likes you.

    I think he likes you.

    • Thanks for your input :)

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  • Probably yes.

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