Why dont girls like my best friend, but they seem to love me?

By traditional means, my best friend is better then me and should have all kinds of women. I will be the first to admit that he is a lot better looking then me, and oftentimes when we meet women he is the one they look at, not me. He will probably make more money out of college then I will since I am a history major, and he is studying finance, and he has passions and interests that I just dont have. I am not musical, athletic, or smart, but he is all 3 of those. The one strength I have on him is that I definitely communicate better then he does, I am funnier, more light hearted, more outgoing, and more friendly. I've had 3 girlfriends, and half a dozen dates with other women since freshman year of high school, he has had zero. Although to my knowledge he was shut down 4 times (possibly more that he just didn't tell me about), the girls he goes for I feel like are generally easier then the ones I go for, I just dont understand why a guy like this was shut down 4 times though. I have known this guy since first grade and I always wished I was like him, handsome, athletic, good at guitar, smart, he just seemed to have it all, but he just can't succeed at all in the dating world. I thought women wanted an attractive guy with career potential, intelligence, and athleticism, but I am a guy with none of those who is doing just fine in the world of relationships, especially compared to him. What could be the reason for this? Do women really put that much emphasis on communication skills? Or could there be another strength I have that I am missing?


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  • we grew up in a feminist world. women hate men who are better than them. women like you because you are not a threat

  • You answered yourself. You have a more attractive personality.

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